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Updated: Aug 8, 2020

I'm excited to announce that we've joined a startup accelerator program! I've been researching accelerator programs and incubators that can help take my business and ideas to the next level. It was important for us to align with an accelerator program that did not ask for equity in exchange for program participation. I also want to be intentional about the cap table we are building prior to moving forward with fundraising. Tacklebox met our requirements.

The Tacklebox program provides idea-stage founders (with full-time jobs) a framework, network, and system-building tools to validate their idea. Specifically, Tacklebox helps founders prioritize, execute, and build systems that will help them forge a path towards creating a viable business. This framework and support system is critical for founders who may have limited time to work on their idea, but are still committed to making progress prior to full-time Entrepreneurship. I knew immediately that Tacklebox would be a great fit to support the CandShout product.

The CandShout product doesn't thrive without first understanding its customers and the problem we are solving. CandShout's objectives are: (a) solve issues related to talent recruitment and management in the Human Resources industry, (b) promote social good actions, and (c) encourage companies to examine their approach to corporate social responsibility. With guidance and community expertise from Tacklebox, we are confident that we can grow CandShout beyond the MVP stage.

With Tacklebox's strengths in customer segmentation, messaging, and customer acquisition, we will be able to establish sustainable habits that will have the biggest impact on our potential for success. We can't wait to get started!

Stay inspired,

Latoya Leslie

Founder & CEO at LESOYA

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