Happy March! Support our iFund Women Campaign

Happy Women's History Month! We are so excited for a fresh start this month. It's been a challenging start to the new year, but we are dedicated to our growth and mission. We've made a cool press update on the CandShout site - go check it out. I'm happy to announce that we started our first crowdfunding campaign via iFund Women!!!!

Support our campaign here - https://ifundwomen.com/projects/lesoya-candshout-social-good-platform

We are grateful to have access to a vast Entrepreneurship community and network we can tap into for guidance, lessons, and resources. After much thought, it made sense to crowdfund via iFund Women; It's a platform for women with big ideas - the work I'm doing with CandShout is a perfect fit.

So why now?

Our mission is to transform Talent Acquisition/Recruiting by prioritizing the Candidate experience and promoting Social Responsibility. We've identified focusing on the candidate experience and aligning with social causes is an untapped area of HR with great potential to transform challenges within Recruiting.

We are seeking funding for CandShout because we bootstrapped our MVP launch and have not yet generated revenue. We are focusing on marketing/awareness, Go-to-Market strategy, and our Customer Acquisition so that we can start generating revenue. We have been unsuccessful in securing funds from traditional banks and have not yet received any grant funding. We used our personal finances to go as far as we can during the pandemic, but we are growing slowly and need help scaling our platform and services.

How will we use the funds?

We're raising $20,000 to help us achieve several milestones. We will use funds for marketing and promotion, hiring freelancers to support and grow our podcast, hiring to support backend infrastructure of CandShout platform, customer acquisition, operating expenses, paying legal and insurance fees, and scaling our product to address the pre-hire Recruiting needs of nonprofits, mid-size, and Enterprise companies.

Who is on your Team?

Our team consists of myself Latoya Leslie (Founder & CEO), my Cofounder Michael Fouad, and our Developer, Paxton Burch. Mike has 13 years experience in Consumer Data Analytics & Revenue Generation; MBA in Marketing & Finance. Even with an MBA(pre-covid), he has experienced similar challenges with the job application process. Paxton Burch is a freelancer we found via Angel.co.

What are you offering?

We're offering really awesome rewards via this Campaign. Facemasks, Sweatshirts, Hoodies, Coffee mugs, shout outs on our social media, a feature on our CandShout podcast...and more awesome goodies. Pretty cool!

Support our campaign here - https://ifundwomen.com/projects/lesoya-candshout-social-good-platform

Thank you so much for your support! Thank you for believing in my vision to use technology to better our communities and advance humanity. We believe the Talent of today and future want to work for companies that support social causes. Your support will help social conscious Top-Talent get hired at Companies they love.

Be well,

Latoya Leslie

Founder at LESOYA

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